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Shoulder Prehab for Overhead Athletes

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The shoulder is one of the most commonly injured areas for athletes performing overhead movements. Whether you are cycling push jerks or swimming laps in a pool, taking care of your shoulders will ensure you are able to train for years to come.

Eccentric Lat Stretch

Take a PVC pipe and a light change plate over to a bench. Hold the PVC pipe up and slowly lower it overhead, then hold at the bottom. This exercise will stretch your shoulders for a better overhead position without compensation from other areas.

Prone PVC Press

Lay on your stomach on a bench and hold a PVC pipe overhead. Keep the shoulders tight and pull the PVC down to your shoulders, then press it back up without letting it drop from that level. This exercise will train mobility of your shoulders so they are strong in overhead positions.

Bottoms Up Press

Hold a kettlebell with the bell up, then press it overhead. Keep the kettlebell upside down through the whole rep. This exercise will train the shoulder stability overhead, so your muscles are strong and ready for any workout thrown your way.

These three exercises will help you keep your shoulders healthy, if you're interested in a full shoulder accessory program check out our Shoulder Accessory Program.
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