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Fuerza Physical Therapy and Chiropractic was started in 2022 with the intention of completely changing how conservative management of injuries is given. 

Dr. Sam has worked in the busy clinics you typically visit for physical therapy. She was seeing 3 or more clients per hour and was frustrated she wasn't able to spend more time with her clients. There were days she intended to work on specific movements or progress certain exercises with a client and wouldn't have the opportunity due to an overloaded schedule. Clients would be treated for upwards of 3 months with minimal progress, and would just stop coming because they felt it wasn't working.

Dr. Jose has worked at chiropractic clinics where he only sees clients for 5 minutes for a quick adjustment after working with assistants or being hooked on machines. He knew this was not leading to long term progress and only allows short term pain relief.

They both knew something had to change. Together they opened this clinic to give clients the time and attention they deserve, by only treating one-on-one. They collaborate on their care to ensure the best results for their clients. By combining the pain relief of chiropractic care and its modalities with the rehabilitative exercises of physical therapy, we are able to get better results faster than traditional care.

Tired of traditional care? Ready to be in an environment where your concerns are listened to? Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help you today.

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